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Jarrod Shirley R.PH.
Jarrod Shirley R.Ph.

Jarrod Shirley R.Ph. is president of South Pointe Wholesale, Inc. where he manages daily operations.  He graduated from Chicago College of Pharmacy in 1996 with a B.S. in pharmacy. Jarrod has fostered a business model that reflects his own values of honesty, integrity, and treating others fairly. Jarrod's passion for the industry will continue South Pointe's growth for
many years to come. 

Katy Shirley VP
Katy Shirley 
VP of Sales & Purchasing

Katy is responsible for managing all purchasing contracts and inventory maintenance for South Pointe.  She works closely with the sales department to make sure that all customers are offered the best products at the best available prices. Katy maintains a family environment for the employees and knows that it takes the work of a good team to be a success. She is a blessed wife and mother to her wonderful family, and believes in strong family values that shows in her everyday life.

Laura Wolfe
Laura Wolfe

Laura has been with South Pointe Wholesale Inc. for 16 plus years. As Controller, she exercises a numerical prowess that is unrivaled in the her field.  Laura's dedication and leadership have propelled her into a board position where she has proudly served for over 2 years. Laura understands the importance of balanced books as well as having a balanced family life. When it is important to make things count she is the one to count on.

Lana Mansfield
Compliance Director
Lana Mansfield

Lana Mansfield is the compliance director for South Pointe Wholesale.  Lana has an accumulative 35 years of experience in retail and Wholesale Distribution business including purchasing, sales, inventory, warehousing, customer service and vendor relationships.  A native of Glasgow, Kentucky, Lana holds a BA in Psychology and government from Western Kentucky University.

Frankie Shields
Frankie Shields
Warehouse Manager

Frankie has been with South Pointe since it was established in 2001,  when he took the position of Warehouse Manager. He has years of experience in pharmaceutical distribution management.

Frankie prides himself on offering excellent service to our customers. Frankie has put together a great team at South Pointe with the values he lives by such as hard work, dedication and honesty.

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